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April 28, 2016

Kits enrich science education

Renee, a Te Taumata o Ngati Whakaue Iho Ake team leader, says a pilot project funded by a $10,000 grant from the Rotorua Trust will lift children’s understanding of science. The grant helped purchase 10 kits, each containing a science theme. The kits are from the House of Science, a Tauranga charitable trust which aims to enrich science education in the community through providing resources. Renee says a pilot programme launched in April will include about six-to-eight schools in Rotorua. “We know that science has not been a key curriculum area and many teachers do not feel confident enough to do science in their classrooms, so we hope this changes that.” The science kits are like science in a box: For example, one is a “who dunnit” kit containing information about forensic science so that students can solve a crime scene. Each kit contains a teacher’s manual and curriculum material, three or four activities or experiments and all the equipment children need to use. The kits can be adapted depending on the age group, so can be used by junior and primary level children. The schools will gain as science becomes embedded in their programmes, along with literacy and numeracy […]
February 16, 2016

Culturally diverse schooling in focus

Check out the original article at the Daily Post A new book by leading educators and researchers – two from Te Arawa – boldly encourages culturally responsive educational practices. Sociocultural Realities: Exploring New Horizons scrutinises ethnic and cultural considerations in the hope of helping beginning and experienced teachers, special education advisers, psychologists, university lecturers, education professionals (from early childhood through to tertiary), and families. Co-editor and University of Canterbury Professor of Maori Research Angus Macfarlane, who is descended from Te Arawa and was born and raised in Rotorua, said the book was exceptional in that it spanned the entire education sector – from the early preschool years through to tertiary – and also drew on the sociocultural realities of indigenous learners from three distinctive global locations. “We took a risk in encompassing the whole education sector in a single volume, but in doing so we feel that we are offering access to a wide range of educational consumers. “The book pays tribute to the valuable body of work that informs cultural theory and insights, but also includes a lens that considers social aspects such as whanau and indigenous communities’ world views,” Mr Macfarlane said. The book includes a chapter on […]
November 25, 2015

Excel Rotorua Announces Further Investment in Supporting Education Achievement

Roana Bennett, General Manager of Te Taumata o Ngati Whakaue Trust (the Taumata) and lead for the Rotorua social sector trial, Excel Rotorua, today announced a series of new projects which will see continued focus on cross agency collaboration to support education achievement in Rotorua. “For the first two years of the social sector trial in Rotorua we worked alongside the education sector. The focus was leadership and collaboration, particularly around connectivity and engagement. This approach resulted in active participation by early childhood services, schools and whanau to support improved literacy and numeracy outcomes, improved NCEA results and increased participation in early childhood education. “In the revised plan for 2015/16 we will see a larger role played by agencies and social and health services in supporting engagement in education. “Education provides opportunities for individuals and families to realise their aspirations. Education is the pathway to employment and out of poverty. It is in the interests of the whole community to support healthy, happy, engaged learners. “The Excel Rotorua Advisory Group has identified three over-arching priorities – School Readiness, Life Readiness and Parenting Readiness. The Action Plan specifies thirteen projects that collectively create a continuum of support for learners and their […]
September 28, 2015

Education / Science / Iwi / Ngati Whakaue / Rotorua

Ngati Whakaue, through Te Taumata o Ngati Whakaue Trust (Te Taumata), is calling on local business to help support science in Rotorua schools. In a joint venture with Tauranga based company House of Science, the iwi is trialling ready-made science resource kits in Rotorua schools and if the pilot scheme is successful, is hoping to have ten available for use by local schools in 2016. Te Taumata’s Matakokiri project researcher Ms Eva Tait said the iwi would be seeking sponsorship from Rotorua businesses to help purchase the science resource kits. “We want to make Rotorua the science hub of New Zealand and this is a simple way for local businesses to get involved. We want to support teachers to incorporate science into their lessons but many of our schools are having to work with out-dated resources. The ready-made kits have everything a teacher could need,” she said. The House of Science kits cover themes in biology, chemistry, physics and food science, and are already being trialled at Glenholme Primary, Kawaha Point School, Rotorua Intermediate and Rotorua Primary School. Ms Tait said the scheme was an extension of the successful Matakokiri science and technology series of wananga run by Ngati Whakaue […]